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Muh federated webcore decentralized Mastodon
Muh federated webcore decentralized Mastodon instance loaded up with plugins and crossposting and subscriptions to cohost altmedias! Small creators and webzones! Bring back personal websites! Neocities supremacy total free flow of information Web1.0 ActivityPub!! Defederate from the phobes! Brutaldon from a FreeDOS VM with Lynx and RetroZilla! Tapbots' fediverse app "Ivory", fediversity and fediversify! HIVE social! Build your social media flowstream of content and curated influencers and creators! Mozilla Netscape Maxthon IE5 Opera Brave total resurgence and uprising! Join the PeerTube instance and SEO boost via Mastodon! Performant Matrix protocols! Custom clients! Say NO to Electron apps! Native gtk QT widgets and cross-platform GUI handles, tooltips, and reusable components! Object-oriented design by composition and not inheritance! Say NO to nesting! Say NO to for loops! Total goto statement resurgence and uprising! Say NO to memory management! Total ownership resurgence and uprising! Say NO to heap allocations! Total stack-based interpreted language resurgence and uprising! Say NO to segmentation faults! Total safe and secure memory workflow environments for young developers! Write your own client! Study the free and open-source API! FOSShub! Huggingface and! Gradio webapp instances of my WebUI now open beta in my Federated Fediverse XMPP instance! Akkoma, GoToSocial and Pleroma facilities for the free flow of information! Signal boost small creators across the webrings! Sunset centralized social media services! MarkDown post formatting support across all compatible, forked GoLang Mastodon hosting solutions! Say NO to anti-emoji rhetoric! Total neurodivergent typing mannerism and keymashing upsurge and victory! Say NO to archival efforts! Total right to be forgotten resurgence and uprising! Say NO to lost media! Total archival effort resurgence and uprising! Subscribe to the waitlist! Invite-only webrings to weed out bad actors! Say NO to blacklists, sanity checks, and master-slave design patterns! Total referral, unit test, and single-threading resurgence and uprising! Integrate the fash blocklists with your cross-platform, unitary protocol social media user-facing frontends! Say NO to hosting companies! Total home-hosted Raspberry Pi Mastodon Matrix Instance resurgence and uprising! Say NO to importation of Twitter engagement-based controversy interaction spaces! Total civil discussion and sharing of personal content resurgence and uprising! Security! Hashed and salted passwords! Say NO to memorizing passwords! Total password manager resurgence and uprising! Say NO to neurodivergent-incompatible password memorization! Total correct horse battery staple resurgence and uprising! Immerse in GoodReads Integrated Bookwyrm Defederated Instance! Forgive new developers for critical security errors! Total open-source SSH and Diffie-Helman implementations! RosettaCode! Total ChatGPT auditing of sensitive systems! Say NO to class hierarchies! Total classless Python upsurge and uprising! Internet Archive and Tech/Exploit news webrings delivered to your Federated Feeds! Say NO to the metaverse! Total early 2000's internet resurgence and uprising! Say NO to centralized content moderation teams! Total instance-admin based picking and choosing resurgence and uprising! Say NO to rules lawyering and sealioning! Total instance-admin based picking and choosing resurgence and uprising! Booth, Request, Fanbox Transaction-Based Patreon Alternatives Payment for Small Artists steady income stream support disposable! Say NO to credit and debt economics! Total credit card company downsurge and downrising! Credit Card anti-porn sentiment profiteering margins quarterly performance review puritanism! Debt is unethical! Say NO to un of the mill VC backed minimum viable data harvesting products! Total small out-of-pocket small home-grown organic ground-up grassroots developer upsurge and uprising! Say NO to unique usernames! Total discriminator and account UUID hash primary key resurgence and uprising! Say NO to tech monoliths! Total distribution and star network topology upsurge and uprising!

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