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bbc (´ー`)
>biblically accurate angels
>mature anime
>lost media
>unconventional christmas movies
>uncanny valley
>liminal spaces
>strangely familiar places
>junji ito
>neon evangilion
>serial experiment lain
>so bad its good
>the pope exists in the car universe
>prequel memes
>trust the science
>just let people enjoy things
>creed aventus
>who would win walter white or tony soprano
>pirating indie games is immoral
>its fun with friends
>its a good X game but it falls flat as a Y game
>japanese movie posters
>this scene of Vito from The Sopranos kind of looks like Star Wars!
>/tv/ is a bad board
>racism outside /b/ not allowed
>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
>lofi hip hop
>plastic love
>john lennon was a wife beater
>who hurt you
>I don't really care about politics, it makes me unhappy
>misinformation spreads quicker than real information
>frankenstein is the scientist not the monster
>reporting soijak spammers isnt reddit
>Ed Edd n Eddy took place in purgatory

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