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Listen up
You think kuz is bad because you believe everything you read without considering the huge bias of the cliques of paid western trolls who influence the opinion of nearly every imageboard user through constant manipulation and rumor spreading. You dont ever take a second look and consider that maybe, kuz has behaved in a manner that the elitist oldsharts didnt approve of. Look at the complete hatred the transexuals and faggots who spread these lies have for regular folk who go against the status quo, these "independants".

Now imagine a group of Russian anons trying to go their own way, against the status quo, and form an organization which is self-dependant and forward thinking. kissu will be glorified by these same individuals, who fail to consider that the person they are hating on is responsible for bringing this organization forward and pushing it on to be a successful independant project, built from the ground up using their own tools. You are sheep. You are so indoctrinated that I cant even begin to explain to you the way things really are.
big gem

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