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attention everyibe
I am never working another day in my life until I wake up one morning and there is a white, busty (natural) blonde (also natural) 18 year old on my doorstep with blue eyes and an intact hymen that has never had tiktok or instagram and wants to have my children. She must also have no tattoos, has never been out of the state, and has a good relationship with both her parents, who are themselves still married and very much in love with no history of infidelity on the mothers side. Until then I will spend my time mining as much proof of work crypto as humanly possible, making deep fake porn of leftwing women, reading 4chan, and refusing to pay any taxes. every time someone criticises my decision, I will donate $50 to an anti LGBT organisation, I will also from here onwards spend an inordinate amount of time harrassing women who have decided to murder their children on social media, as well as people who call themselves polygamous or wittingly enter into open relationships. Furthermore, I will be cutting all sex-havers out of my life until said demands are met. this is the future the democrats chose, get out of my way you fat tranny
same. if we all band together we can all get our dream babes ヽ(´∇`)ノ
lern 2 spel
holy cringe and yikes
holy cuddle and no biggie

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