[Great News] Sobot feet pictures leaked to 9channel - news4vip@9channel
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[Great News] Sobot feet pictures leaked to 9channel
https://i.kncdn.org/79502/21690/1676264803762.jpg <--- THE PICTURES!!

In newsplus, anons discovered that sobot's feet may have been leaked to the internet. Investigator-san deduced some important information.
>The image was apparently made in may, which is just 2 months before kuz bought the sharty, lending credibility to this rumor. It could very well be possible (・∀・)

The image was first discovered when a strange image was uploaded to feet3d@9channel, with the caption "sobot". This simple but captivating comment stirred the imagination of many.

Sobot has not commented on this, but its likely that she will simply deny the rumor.

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